Case Foundation’s Michael Smith to head the Social Innovation Fund

PHILANTHROPY | The White House has chosen Michael Smith, a senior vice president at The Case Foundation, to be the new head of the Social Innovation Fund. Smith is an influential voice in the philanthropic sector, championing the power of social media to maximize impact. Jean Case had this to say about Smith’s new opportunity:

As Michael came forward to seek encouragement to pursue the opportunity presented to him, my first reaction was one of slight panic, and yet I had to remind myself that what the public sector needs most greatly is talent. It was one of those moments – was I going to act in manner that was consistent with what I’ve been preaching about the need for talent in the social sector, or would I try to talk Michael out of it and let the self-interested side win the day? Thankfully, the better angels won the day.

Related: In 2011, Michael Smith talked to WRAG members about using social media to advance their missions. (Daily, June 2011)

WRAG | Can you guess where WRAG’s 2013 Annual Meeting is going to be? Click the picture below to find out and mark your calendars for November 21, 2013!


COMMUNITY | The Washington Area Women’s Foundation has named Carolyn Berkowitz of Capital One as its new board chair following a unanimous election from the board. The foundation also added Fannie Mae’s Rosie Allen-Herring to the board. Carolyn and Rosie are dedicated members of both WRAG and our region’s philanthropic community. The Women’s Foundation made two great choices!

EDUCATION | In response to Council member David Catania’s proposed education legislation, Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson has expressed doubt that the new policies will help the school system. She also raises questions about the role of legislators in education reform. (WaPo, 6/5)

NONPROFITS | Writing about the IRS scandal, the Independent Sector’s Diana Aviv defends the privacy rights of donors and says the erosion of these rights is dangerous (USAToday, 6/3):

Undermining two centuries of free speech rights would have a chilling effect on the work of public charities and most certainly result in lost financial support for these essential organizations.

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RACE | ACLU: D.C. Leads Nation in Marijuana Arrests Per Capita and Arrests Eight Times as Many Blacks as Whites (DCist, 6/5)

TRANSIT | Greater Greater Washington takes a look at which parts of the Metro train system have been most disrupted on weekends over the last year. The graphic is a little misleading though since the entire system has been consistently disrupted with single tracking, station closures, and mechanical failures. (GGW, 6/5)

What’s alarming to me is that Metro seems to be getting progressively worse in spite of its alleged improvements.

What a beautiful day! It feels like perfect weather for some Sweet Soul Music.

You know what really stinks though? Walking through a lovely park and stepping in dog doo. To fight back against lazy and inconsiderate dog owners who fail to clean up, a town in Spain has teamed with an ad agency for a truly brilliant campaign.