Gearing up for Do More 24

We’re gearing up for Do More 24 this Thursday! Are you ready? Help us spread the word by telling your colleagues, friends, and total strangers. The event is spearheaded by the United Way of the National Capital Area and as its head Bill Hanbury told Tamara, this event is about the philanthropist in each of us.

Today, the Washington Post’s Capital Business looks at how important this event is for our region’s nonprofits. (WaPo, 6/3)

We’ll have more about Do More 24 over the course of this week. In the meantime, you can start scouting out which charities to support. You can check out the Washington AIDS Partnership’s page while you’re looking around!

COMMUNITY | We’re sad to share the news that Anne Allen, former executive director of the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation and one of WRAG’s early champions, has passed away at 88. [Read more here.]

GROWTH | In suburban Maryland, efforts to decrease sprawl while increasing density – or “smart growth” – have been incentivized rather than mandated by law. A new study finds that the incentives aren’t working well enough. (Atlantic, 6/3)

EDUCATION | Prince George’s County’s new school reform laws are now in place, which means that County Executive Rushern Baker is officially tasked with finding a new superintendent. As he searches, current interim superintendent Alvin Crawley has delayed his resignation until a permanent replacement is found. (WaPo, 6/2)

Related: Rushern Baker Appoints New Chairman For Prince George’s Board Of Education (WAMU, 6/2)

Can “restart” turn around low-performing charter schools? (GGW, 6/3) Perhaps more importantly, can “restart” turn around our country’s low-performing education system?

YOUTH | Prince George’s has doubled the size of its summer youth jobs program. (Examiner, 6/3)

NONPROFITS | As the IRS scandal continues to pick up steam, the Chronicle of Philanthropy is running a series of articles about how to improve the agency. In part one today, they look at clarifying rules on political involvement. (Chronicle, 6/3)

Remember when the media used to affix the word “gate” to every political scandal, no matter how trivial? How in the world has this particular controversy escaped that trend?

Well, this week is off to an ominous start. The skies seem quite uncertain…and I got briefly trapped in the elevator today. “You have to push the button, you moron,” is probably what you’re thinking. I’ll have you know that the power actually went out completely! No lights. Eerie silence (except for me shrieking like Homer Simpson). And I was riding alone. Fortunately the elevator eventually rose to my floor very slowly and still in the dark.

In other news, Elon Musk is a pretty cool dude and I wish that his brilliant ideas could be financially and politically realized.