Matching board diversity with real world demographics

EQUITY | Yanique Redwood, CEO of the Consumer Health Foundation, has a powerful op-ed in the current issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy about the importance of diversity on foundation boards, and the need to overcome our unconscious biases in order to create “equitable social institutions and structures.” She writes about her own experience interviewing before the very diverse CHF board (Chronicle, 5/5):

Unlike token diversity measures that seek to fill quotas, I was experiencing game-changing diversity. This was diversity aimed at ensuring that there were people on the board who come from the communities served by the nonprofits we support. This was diversity that would necessarily change our priorities and enhance our work because diverse perspectives create better ideas.

HOMELESSNESS | Earlier this week, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments released the results from its 2013 point-in-time survey that measures homelessness across the region. The report shows a 2.4 percent decrease from 2012, but some jurisdictions, including Arlington, Montgomery, and Prince George’s counties, saw increases. (COG, 5/8)

Related: The blog ARLNow digs into the data about Arlington County. (ARLNow, 5/9)

FOOD | Yesterday, D.C. launched a project to build a 100,000 square foot hydroponic greenhouse in Ward 8. The greenhouse, located in an area with limited fresh food options, will have the capacity to grow up to a million pounds of produce a year – enough to feed 5,000 people. When it opens in early 2014, it is expected to create 25 full-time jobs. (, 8/9)

AGING | WAMU looks at how a home visiting program run by a D.C. hospital enables older adults, often with complicated medical issues, to live in their own homes. The program reduces medical costs while also addressing and preventing elder abuse. (WAMU, 5/10)

HEALTHCARE | Virginia is getting $2.5 million in federal funds to help community health centers enroll uninsured clients in health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. (WTOP, 5/10)

EDUCATION | D.C. Officials And Community Group Go To Court Over D.C. School Closings (WAMU, 5/9)

HOUSING | Median home price hits record highs in Arlington, the District (WaPo, 5/10)

NONPROFITS | ProPublica Launches Online Tool to Search Nonprofit Tax Forms (Chronicle, 5/9)

Here’s a nice distraction for the afternoon: Yesterday TIME and Google released a tool that lets you look at time-lapse videos of satellite images of any point on Earth since 1984. Some of the changes that have happened over time are stunning – and disturbing.

– Rebekah