What does affordable housing look like in the Greater Washington region?

To be considered affordable, a household needs to spend less than 30% of its income on housing costs. As you can imagine, that’s really hard to do in our region.

In WRAG’s new installment of our What Funders Need to Know series, we take a detailed look at local housing – what it costs, how transportation factors in, what it means to live in different parts of our region. Then we discuss what our future looks like if we don’t fix this problem, and what funders can do to get involved.

COMMUNITY | The Consumer Health Foundation’s president and CEO, Yanique Redwood, is highlighted in the new issue of Bethesda Magazine as a rising star who is making a difference in our region at a young age. The magazine talked with Yanique about what drives her (Bethesda, May 2013):

[She] was inspired to pursue a career in public health after learning about a shameful chapter in America’s past. Beginning in 1932, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment followed the disease’s progression in poor, African-American sharecroppers over a 40-year period without ever providing treatment.

A tearful Redwood discussed it with her professor, who encouraged her “to use my anger and do something about this injustice.”

EQUITY | The recession was bad news for just about everybody, but a new report from the Urban Institute finds that the wealth gap between non-Hispanic white Americans and minorities widened considerably during the downturn. As NYU professor Darrick Hamilton puts it, “It was already dismal…it got even worse.” (NYT, 4/29)

– Yesterday, hundreds of older District residents rallied for increased spending on senior services in the 2014 budget. (WaPo, 4/30)

The AARP Foundation has a great series of short videos featuring experts discussing senior isolation. (AARP)

EDUCATION | Different reports have claimed to prove that D.C. education reform has been either a success or a failure, but Greater Greater Education says that nobody is even reading the source data correctly. (GGE, 4/30)

Happy 80th birthday to Willie Nelson! If you ever get a chance to see him live, I recommend taking the opportunity. He’s a lot of fun – and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down. I especially love his cover of City of New Orleans. Whoever uploaded the slideshow to accompany the song has an unfortunately literal mind.

On an unrelated note (unless Willie is an intergalactic musician), check out these photos of a massive, gigantic, humongous, gargantuan, other dramatic adjective storm on Saturn. The color-corrected photos make it look like the sixth planet from the sun is actually a gateway to a terrifying hell.