Metro lines and tree canopy as indicators of inequality

– Plotting the median annual household income of the neighborhoods around each Metro station makes for some striking graphs of the region’s income inequality. The orange line shows the most dramatic fluctuations, ranging from $142,000 at the East Falls Church stop to $34,000 at Minnesota Ave. (City Paper, 4/25)

– D.C. is known for its greenery, but there is a clear divide between the number of trees in high-income neighborhoods and the number in low-income areas. (WaPo, 4/25)

WORKFORCE | Goodwill of Greater Washington has been selected to provide recruitment and job training programs to fill 600 jobs at the new Marriott hotel opening next year near the convention center. The United Way of the National Capital Area collaborated on Goodwill’s bid and has pledged $350,000 to support the program. (WaPo, 4/25)

Robert Bobb, chair of the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation, writes in a Post op-ed that the various standardized test cheating scandals that have come to light around the country are indicative of a larger culture of corruption in some school systems (WaPo, 4/26):

For the sake of the nation’s children and its future, education reformers must begin to examine governance structures and the quality of management in public schools, including the handling of funds, distribution of bonuses and failed educational outcomes despite massive investments.

Prince George’s County interim school superintendent announces resignation (WaPo, 4/26)

D.C. attorneys respond to lawsuit challenging school closures (WaPo, 4/25)

– The state of Maryland will be giving $24 million in grants to local organizations to get uninsured residents to sign up for health insurance programs through the state-run insurance exchange. The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange’s Connector Program will create 300 jobs and raise awareness of insurance options for individuals and small businesses. (WBJ, 4/25)

Local Food Advocates Prescribe Fruits And Veggies For Food Stamp Recipients (WAMU, 4/24)

ENVIRONMENT | Due to pollution in the Chesapeake, fisherman are catching some pretty freaky smallmouth bass. (WaPo, 4/26)

BUDGET AUTONOMY | Seriously? (WTOP, 4/26)

If you’re as scared of heights as I am, just watching this video will provide enough excitement for one day.

– Rebekah