C. Marie Henderson named new head of The Community Foundation for Montgomery County

COMMUNITY | We’re excited to welcome C. Marie Henderson to the WRAG community! She has been named to lead The Community Foundation for Montgomery County, an affiliate of The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region. Marie comes to the new post after serving as executive director at Interfaith Works.

Terri Lee Freeman, president of The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region and chair of WRAG’s board, announced the appointment by saying:

Marie is a creative, energetic, and passionate leader who is committed to encouraging people to learn as much as possible about their community.

EQUITY/EDUCATION | In her latest column, Judith Sandalow writes about the huge disparities in higher education preparation between low-income and moderate/high-income students – and what we can do to address them. (HuffPo, 4/25)

EDUCATION | As a multihyphenate millionaire, high-school dropout Mark Wahlberg might be a bit of an ironic choice to deliver messages about staying in school. Still, it’s pretty cool that he is using his fame to encourage T.C. Williams students to stick with their education. You might say that he’s sending them Good Vibrations. (WaPo, 4/25)

– Pablo Eisenberg remembers Common Cause president Robert Edgar, who died suddenly on Tuesday. Eisenberg outlines an impressive career of service and says of Edgar, “In a nonprofit arena where egos so often dominate, Bob’s style was one of collaboration and coalition building. He inspired trust and confidence in his leadership.” (Chronicle, 4/25)

How to Impress Donors With Your Programs in a Tough Economy (Chronicle, 4/25) Or you could try magic. I impress people by pulling dimes from their ears (quarters are worth too much).

WRAG | Check out our newest Philanthropy Fellow interview with Maggie Croushore, who served as a fellow with the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation. WRAG Members: Don’t forget! The deadline to apply for a Philanthropy Fellow for Fall 2013 is coming up. More information here. (Daily, 4/25)

LOCAL | “Who lives in a monument under the sea? Spongebob Squa….” Oops, sorry. The Capital Weather Gang has some visualizations of what the District could look like if some of the more dire global warming predictions are realized. (WaPo, 4/25) In a few thousand years, the city might even be a submerged mystery like this one.

Have you seen the new $100 bill? It’s pretty spiffy. And, it has the word “SPECIMEN” printed all over it! Presumably, that makes counterfeiting nearly impossible…or maybe it is because the picture a non-legal tender sample. It would be fun to request a withdrawal in “Benjamin Franklin specimens” though.

On a similarly historical note, the tradition of the presidential library is a really great one. The new library of George W. Bush, whose place in history has improved considerably since he left office, was dedicated today. Here are some pictures of the beautiful building – and some of the ceremony, where his father wore amazing socks.

– Christian