New report analyzes Give to the Max Day…Do social service agencies hinder economic development?…Unemployment data shows big racial disparities in the District [News, 3.1.12]

GIVING | A new study from the Case Foundation analyzes last year’s Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington. The event – which was organized by the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, the United Way of the National Capital Area, and Razoo, and supported by the 8 Neighbors group, which includes WRAG – raised $2 million for 1,200 local nonprofits in only 24 hours last November. From the report (Case, 3/1):

Overall findings demonstrate that giving days offer regions an opportunity that bolsters their nonprofit communities with short-term funds, long-term online fundraising skills, and an increase in awareness of their important work.

Related: Give to the Max was a huge success (WG Daily, 11/10/11)

– A recent survey asked donors, “What could unleash your philanthropy at a whole new level?” Respondents said that they give less than they could because they don’t get enough information about how their money is used. (Chronicle, 3/1)

– At the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy conference in New York earlier this week, corporate executives discussed “a lack of interest from investors in their efforts to do social good.” (Reuters, 2/28)

HOUSING | Block by Block, 1940s Concentrated Public Housing in Alexandria is Being Demolished (Connection, 2/23)

DEVELOPMENT | Some residents in the District’s Ward 8 are opposed to more social service agencies opening there because they see them as deterrents for economic development. WAMU explores whether those concerns are justified and finds that the exact opposite is probably true. (WAMU, 3/1)

WORKFORCE | Unemployment In D.C. Is Really Low, If You’re White (City Paper, 3/1) “Of note is how flat white unemployment has remained, while black unemployment skyrocketed.”

YOUTH | A new study released today from the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation finds that important services for District youth are unevenly distributed across the city. (CYITC, 3/1)

BUDGETS | A partisan battle has kept the Virginia General Assembly from passing a budget and could force a government shutdown. (WaPo, 3/1)

MUSIC | Rest in peace, Davy Jones. The Monkees’ front man passed away after a heart attack at the young age of 66. In 1967, his band sold more records than the Beatles and Rolling Stones combined – and that was the year when Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released. In Davy’s memory, turn up your speakers and sing along.

CORRECTION | If you read yesterday’s post and wondered what the District’s unemployment rate has to do with Leap Year, the answer is nothing (that I know of). I linked to the wrong place. If you’re interested, here’s the correct link. Sorry about that.

And now for something completely different, a new world record has been set in New Orleans – for the longest chain of human mattress dominoes. So everyone who has always wanted to know if people cling on to mattresses and play dominoes can now rest easy.

In solemn observation of the second day of March – and also because Rebekah and I will be at a meeting all day – there will be no Daily tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy the weekend, and we’ll see you on Monday.