Give to the Max right now…Halloween shooting victim was DYRS ward…Most people see deepening wealth gap [News, 11.9.11]

It’s finally here! Give to the Max Day is in full swing. Have you donated to your favorite cause yet? Our region is aiming for $3 million by 11:59pm tonight – but let’s aim higher!

Find your favorite nonprofit and make a donation – any amount helps. Then, encourage all of your friends and neighbors to find a nonprofit to support. While you’re standing in line waiting to buy your lunch, started yelling “GIVE TO THE MAX!” at the top of your lungs. Yes, people will think you’re crazy, but they’ll remember what you were yelling.

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EQUITY | Poll shows most see deepening wealth gap (WaPo, 11/9) “More than six in 10 Americans see a widening gap…about as many want the federal government to try to shrink the divide.”

JUVENILE JUSTICE | The 17-year-old who was shot in Georgetown on Halloween died last night – and he was a ward of D.C.’s Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services when he was shot. Under court order, the agency was supposed to transfer him to a facility in Pennsylvania. The transfer never took place, so a judge ordered him to be sent to the New Beginnings facility. Instead he was allowed to simply go home. (Examiner, 11/9)

In the last year-and-a-half, ten wards of the agency who were supposed to have been in custody have instead been accused of murder, and at least seven others have been murdered.

YOUTH/HEALTH | Children’s Hospital to bring mobile health care to Prince George’s (WaPo, 11/9)

HEALTH | Maryland state officials have announced a plan to grow the state’s primary care workforce by 25 percent over the next ten years. (Sun, 11/9)

VOTE | Here are the results of yesterday’s elections in Virginia. (WaPo, 11/9)

EARTHQUAKE! | President Obama has signed a disaster declaration for D.C. which frees up federal funding for earthquake-related repairs. (WAMU, 11/9) I love writing “EARTHQUAKE!”

FACTOID | For Give to the Max Day, we have a Philanthropy Factoid Wednesday about the rise of individual philanthropic giving in the early 20th century. (WG Daily, 11/9)

Last night, a giant asteroid passed between Earth and the moon. The galactic event reminded me of a really great article from The Atlantic about a man named Freeman Dyson – a genius physicist who developed a way of getting to Mars, Jupiter, and beyond.