Arts organizations concerned about jobs bill…Give to the Max on Nov. 9…Teachers get “Standing Ovation” [News, 9.20.11]

President Obama’s new jobs stimulus plan would limit tax deductions on charitable donations made by high-income individuals, which is causing concern for arts groups that are already coping with declining donations (WaPo, 9/20).

Marlie Mattson, vice president of development for the Kennedy Center, says:

“In general, I think it’s fair to say that it’s very difficult to continually find contributed income in support of the arts…It’s a very challenging environment already. Whatever happens on the national landscape that limits that income is problematic for sure.”

Americans for the Arts’ Bob Lynch is concerned as well, but optimistic that other aspects of the bill could benefits arts and humanities organizations:

Among others, he cited the proposed cut in the payroll tax, which could spur hiring within arts organizations and free up additional spending money; more federal support of schools, which could lead to the hiring and rehiring of arts-education teachers; and more spending on infrastructure projects, which could create more public art projects.

GIVING | Mark your calendars! Give to the Max Day is November 9th. The Community Foundation’s Terri Freeman and the United Way’s Bill Hanbury are really excited for it. You should be, too! (WG Daily, 9/20)

– Prince George’s County Public Schools Superintendent William Hite has been appointed to the National Parent Teacher Association’s board of directors. (Examiner, 9/20)

Related: WRAG members met with Hite and County Executive Rushern Baker in June to discuss education reform in the county. (WG Daily, 7/7)

– Bill Turque writes about last night’s Standing Ovation event honoring the District’s best educators. (WaPo, 9/20) Tamara attended and tweeted about the event. (@WRAGprez)

YOUTH | Members of WRAG’s Children, Youth, and Families Working Group heard from children’s mental health experts earlier this month. (WG Daily, 9/20)

HOUSING | Md. Housing Dept. Moving To New Carrollton (WAMU, 9/20)

ECONOMY | Some positive news: Commercial construction rebounds in metro Washington (Region Forward, 9/20)

Here’s the first look at Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar, which filmed around the region earlier this year.

While I’m on the subject, I’d love to hear your input on a debate I recently had. Do you pronounce the word “biopic” as bio pic or bi-opic? I say bio pic, since it is really just shorthand for biographical picture. The other way sounds like a medical procedure. Feel free to comment below!