Council of Governments’ Dave Robertson says change is coming to the region and we need to diversify our economy [News, 9.19.11]

Following this past summer’s national debt deal, Dave Robertson, executive director of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, writes that economic change is coming to our region. With the federal government likely to employ fewer workers and spend less locally, we need to form a plan to diversify our economy (WaPo, 9/19):

[T]he ability to shape change, rather than react to it, is the key to remaining competitive…Our region now has a number of thriving business sectors, including biotechnology, tourism, health care, higher education and information technology. Promoting a synergy between them and focusing on a catalytic strategy that boosts the economy and jobs should become a priority for the region’s public and private sector leaders.

JOBS | Jobless rate climbs in D.C., Md., Va. (WaPo, 9/17)

PEOPLE | Grantmakers in Aging has announced that John Feather will become the organization’s new CEO, effective Oct. 1. He takes over for Carol Farquhar.

Related: Members of WRAG’s Working Group on Aging are serving on the planning committee for the Grantmakers in Aging 2011 Conference, which will be held next month in Tysons Corner. At the conference, WRAG will sponsor a ‘Best of Region’ session. Karen Kinney of the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation is the national co-chair of the conference.

POVERTY | Opinion: Reacting to the recently announced national poverty rate (the highest since 1993), a Princeton University professor says, “Candidates running for office in 2012 should be forced to confront this issue and explain what they intend to do about it…Unless voters and the media help to make this an issue in the campaign, the problem will likely only become worse.” (CNN, 9/19)

DATA | Regional map data abounds, but is expensive (GGW, 9/19)

EDUCATION | At the Kennedy Center tonight, 660 highly effective DCPS teachers will be recognized at the second-annual gala, A Standing Ovation for D.C. Teachers. (Examiner, 9/19)

BIRTHDAYS | Q: What did Montgomery County say to the Kennedy Center? A: “You say it’s your birthday? It’s my birthday, too, yeah!

Montgomery County celebrated its 235th in style yesterday (WaPo, 9/19) and the Kennedy Center is marking the big four-oh by giving away tickets to some performances (Examiner, 9/19).

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