What is Philanthropy?…National HIV Testing Day…Foundation leaders become ‘jailbirds’ for voting rights [News, 6.27.11]

PHILANTHROPY | June 2011 is the hundredth anniversary of organized philanthropy, celebrating the founding of the Carnegie Corporation. And wouldn’t you know it, a lot of people have no idea what philanthropy is. Case in point – at a wedding last summer, I told somebody I worked in philanthropy. Her eyes widened and she said, “You work with dinosaurs?!”  And our colleagues in Minnesota filmed a video with similar results a few years ago.

At WRAG, we want to spread information about the field of philanthropy, and we are kicking off a campaign with a piece by Tamara – What is Philanthropy? (WG Daily, 6/27)

Members of the 8 Neighbors coalition are helping get the word out through websites, blogs, and newsletters. And, in the Daily we’ll be running “Philanthropy Factoid Wednesdays” – we’ll share a quick fact about the field of philanthropy that you might not know. Stay tuned!

HIV/AIDS | Today is National HIV Testing Day. (WaPo, 6/27) Members of the Washington AIDS Partnership’s AmeriCorps team are working at free testing sites throughout the city – Channing Wickham says, “I’m very proud of the hard work the team is doing to raise awareness of HIV – it makes a huge difference.”

Nonprofits Use Creative Measures To Educate Teens About HIV/AIDS (WAMU, 6/27)

D.C. VOTE | The Chronicle of Philanthropy talks about the efforts (and incarcerations) of Annalee Ash, Diane Bernstein, Tamara Copeland, George and Trish Vradenburg, and Daniel Solomon in the fight for District voting rights. (Chronicle, 6/24)

Related: Here are pictures from Saturday’s rally in front of the White House. (WaPo, 6/27)

YOUTH | D.C. Youth Fixed to Go Broke (DCist, 6/26) “Jobs are down from 22,000 last summer to just 12,000 this summer.”

Last week, I mentioned Saturday’s Ozomatli concert with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center. At the show, the program explicitly requested that patrons refrain from dancing and stay in their seats. Well…that didn’t happen. And it was an awesome show!  Hope you all had a nice weekend.