‘Aging’s evolving puzzle’ for the region…Calls for better youth mental health services in Va…First meeting of the Region Forward Coalition [News, 6.16.11]

The Post looks at the wide spectrum of challenges facing the region’s rapidly increasing senior population, their implications for local jurisdictions and their communities, and, the funding shortages that are affecting critical services – collectively described as “aging’s evolving puzzle.” (WaPo, 6/16)

As people live longer, healthier lives, employment and community engagement have climbed up the list of pressing needs for this generation of seniors…There are other needs, too, including affordable housing, public transportation and funding for community services.

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A REGION UNITED | Tamara writes about the first meeting of the Region Forward Coalition and its team-based approach to the plan. (WG Daily, 6/16)

HEALTH | Advocates: Virginia Needs To Revamp Youth Mental Health Care (WAMU, 6/15) “[M]any children in crisis aren’t receiving the services they need.”

Related: WRAG’s Children, Youth, and Families Working Group took an in-depth look at youth mental health systems in the region in April.

HIV/AIDS | N Street Village and Miriam’s House discuss strategies for serving homeless women with HIV in the latest issue of the American Academy of HIV Medicine’s  journal. (HIV Specialist, Spring 2011)

NONPROFITS | Potential changes in IRS policies have significant implications for nonprofit tax-exempt status and information disclosure. (Chronicle, 6/15)

BUDGETS | Most of our readers are probably familiar with the great work of the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute, but for those who aren’t, the City Paper has a great profile of the organization. (City Paper, 6/16)

HOUSING | Low-income housing firm gets bailout from Alexandria City Council (WaPo, 6/16)

EDUCATION | Acting Chancellor of D.C. Schools Kaya Henderson’s confirmation hearing started this morning. Bill Turque has up-to-the-minute coverage. (WaPo, 6/16)

I couldn’t come up with anything funny today after reading that the Redskins have been ranked as the second-worst professional sports team in major league sports.  Or maybe that is funny.  Anyway, I know at least one WRAG member (with the initials V.B.) who will love that ranking.