“Increasing Demand, Decreased Giving at Region’s Nonprofits” [News, 3.13]

Survey: Increasing Demand, Decreased Giving at Region’s Nonprofits (Center for Nonprofit Advancement, 3/10) – “[60%] of respondents… anticipate their organization will experience an increase in demand in 2009. Nearly half have already experienced an increase. At the same time, 46% did not meet their fundraising goals through December of 2008 and 42% of nonprofits anticipate that giving will decrease this year.”

Bread for the City Reduces Staff, Limits Hours (WAMU, 3/13)

Earmarks in federal budget reaping millions for nonprofits (Examiner, 3/13)

Nonprofits in Md. and DC received nearly $2.9 Million in 2008 from the Verizon Foundation (wire, 3/12)

Virginia to get $1 million grant for uninsured children (Pilot, 3/11) – Robert Woods Johnson Foundation

And finally, Wall Street and Main Street are one thing, but… layoffs on SESAME STREET?!?  These are dark times, indeed.