Michelle Obama at Miriam’s Kitchen [News, 3.9]

Michelle Obama served lunch last week at Miriam’s Kitchen (NYTimes, 3/5) – “I’m not going to talk long. My purpose here is to listen, work, and to scoop some risotto.” (Best caption from these pics: “Steve Scolding Michelle Obama for Scooping Too Much Risotto.”) Miriam’s Kitchen receives support from a large number of WG members.

Someone in line at the kitchen was photographed taking a picture of Obama with a cell phone. Outrageous! many said, overlooking the fact that pre-paid cell phones are cheap and increasingly essential to getting off the street.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure takes space in ‘nonprofit village,’ “a downtown D.C. office building purchased by the Pew Charitable Trusts with the help of the District to offer below-market rate leases to charities.” (WBJ, 3/6)

White House appears open to rethinking cap on deductions for charitable donations (WSJ, 3/6)
> Meanwhile, in the U.K., a plan to increase cap to 50% for certain donations

Maryland Lawmakers, Insurer Propose Bill for Near-Universal Coverage (KaiserNetwork, 3/6)

Region’s Buildings Are 4th Greenest in U.S. (WaPo, 3/9) – “energy-efficient buildings have been in demand by tenants”