Recession, tax plans worry donors and nonprofits [News, 3.6]

Recession, tax plans worry donors and nonprofits (AP, 3/5) – Sense of crisis “making everybody on both sides of the giving equation be more thoughtful”… “It’s a Darwinian moment for the nonprofit sector”

The 100 Best Corporate Citizens (Forbes, 3/6)

Charities Say Government Is Ignoring Them in Crisis (NYTimes, 3/4)

First-Ever $250,000 National Nonprofit Collaboration Prize Contest Ends in Tie Between Two Successful Mergers (wire, 3/5) – The Lodestar Foundation launched the competition last year “to demonstrate how nonprofit resources can be used more effectively to create greater impact.”

Opinion: Paul Brest on NCRP’s “Philanthropy at its Best” Criteria: The report has much to offer, but is “breathtakingly arrogant” … “In aiming for the lowest common denominator, NCRP pushes the entire sector toward mediocrity.” (HuffPo, 3/5)