Controversy: “Philanthropy at Its Best?” Or worst? [News, 3.4]

– If you can think of an argument to be made against NCRP’s “Criteria for Philanthropy at its Best,” I’m pretty sure Heather Higgins covers it in this Forbes piece. Higgins is the vice chairman of the Philanthropy Roundtable. (3/3) Lots of articles about this today.

Foundations are feeling the pinch (BostonGlobe, 3/3) – “Recent investment losses mean smaller grants to charities”

Nonprofits weigh in on Obama budget (IBT, 3/3)

Rhee says consultant’s report shows pay plan is sustainable “with District dollars after a promised five-year, $100 million contribution by private foundations is spent.” (WaPo, 3/3) – The Walton Family Foundation is now rumored as another possible donor.

“Vote was put on hold after House leaders learned that the influential National Rifle Association was urging its members to use a procedural maneuver to press for gun amendments” (WaPo, 3/4) – Nothing’s ever simple, is it.

Georgetown’s Center for Social Impact Communication (CSIC) Grows Dramatically in First Year (wire, 3/3) – “Our students are applying what they learn to create positive social change,” says Denise Keyes, founder and executive director of CSIC (and former WG board member). CSIC launched with support from WG members Harman Family Foundation and the World Bank, as well as the Eaton Corporation.