New guidelines target U.S. foundation practices [News, 3.2]

Let’s get this week going. Yay snowfall! (Booooo dowfall!) And stay tuned on Friday for the results from Washington Grantmakers’ February survey: How is the Economy Affecting Philanthropy in Our Region?”

New Guidelines Target U.S. Foundation Practices (3/2) – Grantmakers: the NCRP has some recommendations for you. Per the Chronicle, NCRP “will urge foundations to give at least 50 percent of their grant dollars to benefit ‘lower-income communities, communities of color, and other marginalized groups, broadly defined.'”

Obama worries charities (ChiTrib blog, 3/1) – Will the White House proposal to reduce the tax savings the wealthy get from their itemized deductions hurt charities? Or will it not? This piece presents both arguments.
> Limiting Deductions on Charity Draws Ire (NYTimes, 2/26)

Strengthening the legacy of Black philanthropy (Part 1 of 4) (Examiner, 2/27)
And now, Twitter philanthropy – “Nonprofits tap the Web’s social networks” (CSM, 3/1)

District has been close–and lost–before (ChiTrib, 3/1)

Fine arts are in survival mode as funds dry up (USAToday, 3/2)
Investment in Arts Give a Big Return (WSJ, 3/1)
Learn About the Capital Region Touring Program “which provides funding for local non-profits to bring outside artists and performers to the Capital City.” (Applications are due Friday.)

Commentary: Lead in D.C.’s Water— Walter Smith of DC Appleseed (WAMU, 3/2) – “time for local leaders to take action”

KIPP charter school network to open three new schools in D.C. (Examiner, 3/2)