Medicaid patients face lack of access to healthcare in D.C. [News, 2.25]

Medicaid Patients Face Lack of Access to Healthcare in D.C. (WAMU, 2/25) – Why is this so? As Sharon Baskerville of DCPCA explains in this WAMU story, it’s because DC’s Medicaid reimbursement rate doesn’t even come close to covering the cost of care. So many doctors try to limit their Medicaid patients. That’s why nonprofit clinics like Bread for the City “are often the only places that see Medicaid patients.” But Bread for the City can only take two or three new patients per day–and “in twelve seconds, those two spots are gone.” On the Beyond Bread blog, one woman shares her story.
– WG’s Health Working Group will meet on March 2.
– Read about WG’s support of DCPCA’s Medical Homes initiative

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