It’s International Corporate Philanthropy Day! [News, 2.23]

icpd> WG’s corporate members respond to the economic downturn.
> WG event – March 12: Corporate Philanthropy Affinity Group – “High Impact Nonprofits: Investing for Results”
> International Corporate Philanthropy Day is “a day to showcase strategic corporate philanthropy initiatives and encourage further cross-sector partnerships in support of social and environmental causes” (wire, 2/23). 

The Senate is scheduled to take up the D.C. voting rights debate today ahead of a critical floor vote Tuesday (Examiner, 2/23). Supporters are upbeat (WaPo, 2/23).

MoCo’s DHHS can’t account for more than $900,000 it paid to Centro Familia child care center (Examiner, 2/20).  Centro Familia responds: We are in “complete compliance.”

Demand for Food Stamps Surges in Fairfax (WAMU, 2/23)

Takeover Idea Out of Consideration, Rhee Says (WaPo, 2/22)

Giving leaders creative freedom key to success at KIPP schools (WaPo, 2/23)

One thought on “It’s International Corporate Philanthropy Day! [News, 2.23]”

  1. “The head of the DHHS, Uma Ahluwalia, said her department closely monitored the services offered by Centro Familia and added she believed that ‘the intent of the program was being carried out.'”

    That’s quite a response to such a huge number of missing dollars. I’m not sure I see the connection between missing money and the program’s intent.

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