Giving by foundations in the Washington Region: How much stays local? [News, 2.17]

New from the Foundation Center: Giving by Foundations in the National Capital Region: How Much Stays Local? – ‘Locally-focused organizations in the Washington metropolitan area received 33 percent of the grant dollars awarded in 2006 by Washington area foundations.” The study was funded by The Meyer Foundation.

Responsibility Is Still Good For Business (WaPo, 2/15) – And now, the test: “Since the concept of CSR became popular, there’s never been a recession like the one we’re going into right now.”
– March 12 WG event – Corporate Philanthropy Affinity Group: “High Impact Nonprofits: Investing for Results”

Letter: Where Stimulus Funds Can Make a Difference” (WaPo, 2/15) – By Diana Aviv, Independent Sector – “Any recovery package must ensure that [13 million] nonprofit workers stay on the job.”
Dramatic IRS shift for nonprofits (Philly Inquirer, 2/17) – In the past, the focus was on financial. Now, it’s on governance.”

Downturn spurs some foundations to give more (B.Globe, 2/16)
Charitable foundations cut grants as endowments shrink (Cincy Enquirer, 2/15)
Charities see donations drop as need spikes (CNN, 2/13) and “For some, the downturn may not have hit yet.”

Economic collapse will affect legal aid to poor (Examiner, 2/17) – Facing soaring demand, “some legal aid groups, like Bread for the City and WEAVE, have already slashed staff. Others are trying to hold on as long as they can.” And big firms can’t offer as much pro bono.

Saving Federal Arts Funds: Selling Culture as an Economic Force (NYTimes, 2/15)

WG member Washington Gas, recognized as the Top Corporate Sponsor of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s 2008 D.C. Light The Night Walk (wire, 2/13)

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  1. In regards to the “Legal Aid” section, the Examiner has its facts wrong. Bread for the City has not cut staff.

    We are certainly feeling the effects of economic downturn, and we will be making changes – but these changes will ensure that we can maintain our current staff size, and that we can sustain our level of service to communities that need our help now more than ever.

    More information about these changes will be provided on our blog in the coming months.

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