“In the News” Tuesday Round-up [2.10]

– Sandra Gregg’s Post obituary: “Post Reporter Later Did PR For Numerous Organizations” (2/8)
Cathedral Choral Society to Honor Jaylee Mead with the Laura E. Phillips Angel of the Arts Award (wire, 2/9)
– Interview: Wendy Kopp, CEO and Founder, Teach for America (PND, 1/30)

Rhee Says Economy Forces D.C. to Cut Wage Proposal (WaPo, 2/10) – “The chancellor said the financial downturn has not weakened what she has described as commitments from private foundations… Rhee has declined to name the organizations but has mentioned four to private audiences: Gates, Broad, Dell and Robertson. ”
– Opinion: Teaching: “The Toughest Job” – by Michelle Rhee (WaPo, 2/9)
WaPo: Where’s the School Reform? “D.C. deserves better than the teachers union’s counteroffer” (2/10)

Arts groups see narrow window of opportunity for help from Washington (MercuryNews, 2/8) – “In its $820 billion economic stimulus package, the House of Representatives included $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts to funnel to arts groups to create and save jobs.”(Related: WGTV: Robert Lynch, Americans for the Arts.)

Colbert King vs. DYRS Reform, round 27 (WaPo, 2/7) – Also, just saw this Youth Today article noting that Vinny Schiraldi’s name is being floated for OJJDP director.

Benton Foundation: Universal broadband a necessity (eSchoolNews, 2/10)