Web 2.0 — Build on what you’re already doing

We had a very thought-provoking discussion at today’s Web 2.0 event. I’m a big supporter of Marc Osten’s reference to “easy wins.” This blog exists because on my first day at Washington Grantmakers someone suggested that I scan the paper for philanthropy/member developments each day and email highlights to the rest of the staff. After two days, I thought, hmm, why not throw it online and see who else is interested? Easy win.

Clearly, most of you have different needs than a regional association. But I have a feeling that if you look at the intersection of A) your goals, B) the things your staff already do/say/produce regularly and C) tools like blogs, Facebook, podcasts, then some interesting possibilities will present themselves. By the way, did you know the World Bank Community Outreach Program is Twittering?

Many thanks to today’s presenters, Gavin Clabaugh and Mitch Hurst from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Jillaine Smith from Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, and Marc Osten of the Summit Collaborative. Below is Marc giving an overview of the presentation he prepared for today. Be sure to visit his blog for more materials relevant to today’s discussion.