Making a difference? Prove it. [News, 2.2]

Making sure that the dollars do some good (WBJ, 1/30) – the search for a “social investment rating tool” … “His working group includes some of the country’s top foundation leaders, such as Paul Brest, president of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation of Menlo Park, Calif., and Brian Gallagher, CEO of the United Way of America” …” The group also includes local leaders such Mario Morino and Carol Thompson Cole of Venture Philanthropy Partners…”

In North Carolina, the Triangle Community Foundation launches to match nonprofits with volunteers and donors. (News&Observer, 2/2)

Loudoun group’s director pulls nonprofits together (WBJ, 1/30) – “unlocking ways for health and human service organizations to collaborate more closely”

Education Heavyweights Prepare for D.C. Contract Fight (WaPo, 2/2)

Opinion: Stimulus For a Truly Capital City (WaPo, 2/1) – by Alice Rivlin and Walter Smith