The doctor will see you now [News, 1.30]

Bread for the City will receive $1.35 million as part of the DCPCA’s Medical Homes DC initiative. Exec. Director George Jones: “a critical step forward in our capital campaign to double the size of the Northwest Center.”  “It will have twice as many visitation rooms, specially-equipped for specialty care and almost tripling our capacity to serve the community.” (BeyondBread, 1/29)

Senate Approves Children’s Health Bill (NYTimes, 1/29) – “to cover more than four million uninsured children by 2013, while continuing coverage for seven million youngsters.”

Stimulus Plan Would Provide Flood of Aid to Education (NYTimes, 1/27) – “The District of Columbia would get the most per student, $1,289, according to the [New America Foundation’s] analysis.” [Thanks Darcy!]

A list of private foundations that invested with Bernie Madoff – Times columnist Kristoff: I’m posting the list [.pdf] because this is a matter of public concern: These foundations serve the public interest, and if the non-profits that rely on them have been financially crippled we should get a heads up.”
Family Foundations Prioritize Giving for the Economically Disadvantaged, new Foundation Center report finds (1/29)
California foundations agree to invest more in minority areas (SacBee, 1/29) 
America’s foundations step up aid in downturn (AP, 1/28)

“Contempt!” A child advocacy group says the Fenty administration is blocking child welfare reform, and levels contempt charge. (WaPo, 1/30)

And finally, if your fundraising isn’t going very well… just win an online contest!  Apparently,  nonprofit Atlas Service Corps won/raised over $100,000 that way in 2008. Okay, perhaps hard to replicate completely, but still goes to show–there’s gold in them thar internets.


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