Walmart gives $300,000 to local nonprofits [News, 1.23]

Walmart gives $300,000 to local nonprofits (WBJ, 1/16) – The WG member gives $150,000 each go to D.C. Central Kitchen and the Covenant House Washington. “We realized that the money Wal-Mart might spend on a reception or forum could be put to better use helping people who might live only a mile or two from the inaugural parade route, but who lack food and shelter.”

Opinion: Volunteer to save the economy (NYTimes, 1/23) – “Providing more opportunities for national and community service won’t just lift the nation’s spirit, it could help save the economy” [Right on.]  “And because jobs at nonprofit groups pay so little, they would cost the government less than many other stimulus measures.” [OUCH!]

Mentally ill in D.C. will be shifted to private clinics (WaPo, 1/23) –  Vanessa Dixon, a representative for the Doctors Council of the District of Columbia: “What they propose to do is take a public system that works extremely well and close it down and give it to private providers who admit that they don’t have the capacity to serve clients.”  I don’t know muich about this particular plan, but I’m pretty sure that history will judge our treatment and care of the mentally ill to be barbaric/shameful.

Twelve Prince George’s County public schools are targeted for closure next year (WaPo, 1/23) – would save $11.9 million