Philanthropy, journalism, and the demise of the newspaper [News, 1.22]

– Jan. 29 @ WG: Thought Leaders”: Americans for the Arts’ Bob Lynch

Newspapers may seek philanthropy to support news-gathering (OJR, 1/22) – Very interesting. Seth Godin recently asked, “When newspapers are gone, what will you miss?” That is, what functions of newspapers aren’t already being done better elsewhere? His answer: “Local news, investigative journalism and intelligent coverage of national news. Perhaps 2% of the cost of a typical paper.” Should foundations consider funding those functions? (Would they disappear otherwise?)

D.C. officials see great hope for city through Obama (Examiner, 1/21) – Ward 5 Councilman Harry Thomas Jr.: “I think we have a great deal of optimism and hope for a lot of things we couldn’t get done under the last administration.”

Chronicle survey of foundations – with endowments taking a hit, over half of respondents expect to give less in ’09.

– Maryland:  In O’Malley’s $14.4 billion budget proposal, “community colleges would not receive expected funding increases, which would be likely to lead to tuition increases. The phase-in of a subsidized health initiative would be slowed down, delaying planned coverage to adults without children. An education program that benefits Montgomery and Prince George’s counties would be scaled back.”
Virginia: Innovative Guidance Program At Fairfax High Is Threatened (WaPo, 1/22)

Opinion: Conservatives Have Answered Obama’s Call (WSJ, 1/22) – “people on the political right outperform those on the left when it comes to charity”