A federal loan for nonprofits? [News, 1.16]

Letter to Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner (Independent Sector, 1/15): “a short-term $15 billion bridge loan program would help to preserve more than 300,000 jobs vital to maintain services to at least 7.8 million Americans in need…”
The double payoff of a stimulus plan for nonprofits (Boston Globe, 1/15)

Where do the homeless go during inaugural? (AP, 1/15)  – “the city is expanding its services, offering more shelter and warm meals.” But homeless advocates have “growing concerns about the number of tourists who have called the coalition in search of shelter beds as a cheaper way of staying in town.” (Um, a friendly word of advice to those tourists: STAY HOME.)

D.C. Vote on Obama’s Agenda, but Low (WaPo, 1/16)
– WaPo editorial: “The voting rights bill is ready to go and would not require Mr. Obama to expend much political capital.” 
–  Take action with DC Vote.

Case Foundation Announces Winner of “Change Begins with Me” Campaign (wire, 1/16)

O’Malley Begins Quest To Repeal Death Penalty (WaPo, 1/16)  – “[Gov.] O’Malley said the death penalty is not a deterrent, wastes resources that could be better spent fighting violent crime and leaves the state open to the possibility of executing innocent people.” Yes, that about covers it!