Budget woes mean cuts to services in Va. and Md. [News, 1.12]

Budget Cuts Are Focus for Md., Va. (WaPo, 1/11) –  Major cuts are inevitable–the only question is how deep. “Virginia is starting to… trim $800 million from K-12 education and Medicaid…” In Maryland, “O’Malley…is considering scaling back a number of initiatives…, including a program that provides additional school funds for [Montgomery and Prince George’s] counties where the cost of education is more expensive.”

Concludes Marc Fisher: “At Truesdell, in part because of the chancellor’s confrontational ways and in part in spite of them, it feels like a revolution is brewing.” But if you read the article, it all sounds pretty good… I’m not sure what he’s referring to with “in spite of them” part.

Learn about “shared-equity homeownership” – In exchange for a subsidy, “the homeowner must agree to share part of the appreciation with City First, which will use the funds to extend this subsidy to the next qualified buyer.” (WaPo, 1/10) City First Bank is an investment partner with WG’s Community Development Support Collaborative.

UDC offering to take over Southeastern U., source says (Examiner, 1/12)

Metro “will need to make unprecedented cuts to train and bus service and to trim hundreds of jobs in the coming months — even as more people are using the transit system” (Examiner, 1/11)