Prediction: Corporate giving will be down 3% to 5% in ’09 [News, 1.7]

Not All Doom and Gloom for Corporate Charitable Giving in 2009, according to a survey released by LBG Research Institute (wire, 1/6) – “The Institute predicts that the overall decrease will be far less than the 12.1% drop in 2001” … “That doesn’t diminish the impact on the nonprofits, though. One percentage point is still millions of dollars in fewer contributions to the nation’s charities.”

Opinion: Micromanaging Ms. Rhee (WaPo, 1/7) – “The D.C. Council wants to strip her of much of the power to set rules for the children in her charge… [I]t is counterproductive to undercut Ms. Rhee in the middle of her reform effort.”