Susan Raymond: “Time to look up” and spot opportunities

“Time to Look Up,” writes Susan Raymond, Ph.D. (12/18), urging nonprofits and foundations to notice current “opportunities masquerading as challenges:”

1) Consolidation – Is the “extraordinary organizational proliferation in the nonprofit sector” of the last two decades a good thing? 
2) Revenue diversification –  Now that the “$1 Billion Hedge Fund Guy” has left the building, an opportunity for social profit organizations to A) engage more people and B) find new sources of capital.
3) Huge reservoir of talent – It’s the upside of that unemployment number.

…and 4) Opportunites specific to foundations:

“Re-evaluate portfolios, form true resource-sharing collaboratives with other foundations to wring every last cent of value from grantmaking, renew communications with and engagement of communities in your work, reach out to new skills and perspectives and bring them into your foundation to become more entrepreneurial.”


[ WGTV] Ms. Raymond addressed WG members in November, 2008. See: Thought Leaders – Susan Raymond, Ph.D. (Nov. 12, 2008) – “What do recent trends and a volatile economy mean for the future of philanthropy and our social profit partners?” [watch video]