Study: $1 of philanthropic giving produces $8 in benefit [News, 12.5]

foundationstudycoverCharities, foundations, elected officials launch new collaborative to ensure philanthropy can address growing, unmet needs of U.S. communities” (wire, 12/3).  The Philanthropic Collaborative will educate policymakers about philanthropy’s benefit to communities and work to make sure giving isn’t restricted by new economic policies.
> New study (.pdf): $1 of philanthropic giving produces $8 “in direct, social and economic benefits.”

Stafford Foundation launches “million-dollar project to bring disadvantaged people to President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration next month.” (WaPo, 12/5)
Campaign to raise $100,000 for Miriam’s Kitchen (wire, 12/4)

Bill Gates, on Michelle Rhee: “It’s a very hard job… somebody had to come in and really point out that the students are not getting what they deserve.” (WaPo, 12/4)

Agency establishes in-home care fund for seniors (WaPo, 12/4) – grants will be awarded through the Montgomery County Community Foundation.

International giving by US foundations reaches record levels (AP, 12/4)

Falls Church Planners ‘Veto’ Council On Affordable Housing Plan (F.C.NewsPress, 12/4) – “stunning”

Mothers with HIV Receive Affordable Housing (Informer, 12/4) 

And finally, happiness is contagious.  Researchers report it “spreading among friends, neighbors, siblings and spouses like the flu,” but, “surprisingly, happiness had no such effect at work” (WaPo, 12/5).  HA.

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