D.C.’s Progress in Curbing Youth Crime [12.2]

D.C.’s Progress in Curbing Youth Crime (WaPo, 12/1) – DC Councilmember Tommy Wells responds to concerns raised by WaPo columnist Colbert King about Vincent Schiraldi’s reforms at the Dept. of Youth Rehabilitation Services.

Interview: Mike Gillespie, Capital Area Food Bank (Examiner, 12/2)
Interview: Mary Brown, Executive Director, Life Pieces to Masterpieces (Meyer Foundation, 12/2)
Profile: Joseph’s House is a supportive and nurturing home for formerly homeless men and women with terminal illnesses (WaPo, 12/2) . Joseph’s House is a grantee of WG’s Washington AIDS Partnership.

Protesters call for affordable housing for DC residents with HIV (WaPo, 12/2)

Foundations tear up the rule book (FT, 12/1) – new strategy for endowment portfolio management

Gas prices down, metro ridership still going up (WaPo, 12/2)

And finally,
Prince Charles, on arts philanthropy: “Some people might think that, with all the news of global recession and the dreadful impact that recession could have on our world, that celebrating arts philanthropy is rather like moving the metaphorical deckchairs on the Titanic. But I do believe that nothing could be further from the truth because the arts act as a beacon of light in dark times and they are a hallmark of our humanity and a means by which we articulate our suffering and our joy.” (BroadwayWorld, 12/1)