New “Philanthropy and the Economy” websites/blogs

– COF has launched the “Economic Xchange.” It’s a place to exchange ideas about the crisis and its impact on philanthropy. Here’s a recent post with ideas from funders on their approaches.

– The Foundation Center is gathering all relevant info on its “Focus on the Economic Crisis” resource page, which currently features an interview with WG’s Tamara Lucas Copeland: “How Is the Economy Affecting Philanthropy in the National Capital Region?”

One thought on “New “Philanthropy and the Economy” websites/blogs”

  1. Kids make music video inspired by The Economy Song

    I received this music video below from a friend and teacher his students were inspired by a song I composed entitled The Economy Song
    This production is about the economy from a child’s point of view .

    Check it out I think you will get a kick out of it .

    God bless us all

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