Major victory for affordable housing in DC

By Martin Mellett, Director, Community Development Support Collaborative

On Tuesday evening the DC City Council approved in a unanimous vote a first reading of a bill that would create a permanent floor for the Housing Production Trust Fund–$70 million for next year and $100 million for future years. This is a major victory for affordable housing. In the wake of a number of affordable housing cuts last week, we thought this was not going to move forward. But advocates packed the city council yesterday morning, made a bunch of calls, and visited council members. It paid off.

From the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED):

“Yesterday, November 18, 2008 the Council voted unanimously (all 13 members) to approve Bill 17-0943 the “Housing Production Trust Fund Stabilization Amendment Act of 2008”… The passage of this bill and follow through by the Mayor and Council to fund it would assure that the Trust Fund will have stable funding for years to come, and a unanimous vote by the Council speaks volumes about their support of affordable housing. A final vote on the bill will take place in December.”

For background, read about Washington Grantmakers’ testimony at the Oct. 20 Council hearing on this subject.

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  1. AWESOME NEWS! This is spectacular for the District. The fund will keep any and all moderately priced homes in high demand.


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