“Best-case scenario: We help fewer people. Worst case: We close.” [News, 11.17]

> TAKE ACTION: On Tuesday, Nov. 18, ask Congress to “Save Fannie Mae’s & Freddie Mac’s Charitable Investments”

FANNIE/FREDDIE – “There is a tremendous amount of anxiety” (WaPo, 11/17) – Children’s Law Center’s Judith Sandalow: “Freddie Mac has been a stable and reliable funder… [V]ery few organizations can replace 25 percent of their funding that quickly. Best-case scenario: We scale back, help fewer people. Worst case: We close” … The Child and Family Network Center “might be lucky to make it to March.”

Rhee’s Plan B is a doozy (WaPo, 11.16) – “discussing a dramatic expansion of their effort to remove ineffective teachers by restoring the District’s power to create nonunionized charter schools and seeking federal legislation declaring the school system in a “state of emergency,” a move that would eliminate the need to bargain with the Washington Teachers’ Union.”

In Fairfax, next fiscal year may bring heavy cuts (Examiner, 11/16)–“Likely targets are guidance counselors, school psychologists and nearly 1,300 teaching positions. Libraries could lose $1.5 million, fine arts could lose almost $1 million, and special education services could lose nearly $11 million.” Meanwhile, enrollment will go up by ~5,000.

Montgomery County funds motels for homeless families (Examiner, 11/17)

Raising Kids Of Relatives Could Bring Federal Funds (WaPo, 11/17) – a huge change for so many families.