COG Approves Plan To Reduce Greenhouse Gases [News, 11.13]

Regional Panel Approves Plan To Reduce Greenhouse Gases (WaPo, 11/13) – “The report proposes that governments, businesses and residents in the region cut greenhouse gas emissions 10 percent below forecast levels by 2012, 20 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050. The goals are among the most ambitious ever set by local governments…”

Congressmen Fight For Freddie Philanthropy (ArlingtonConnection, 11/11) – “Congressmen from the Washington D.C. area joined together late last month to urge the conservator of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae not to cut off the companies’ philanthropic giving.”

Subsidized Insurance Backed in Maryland (WaPo, 11/13) – Advocates have released a new proposal, the Maryland Citizens Health Initiative, which “would subsidize insurance coverage for low-income residents with a payroll tax and increases to cigarette and alcohol taxes.”
Pr. George’s Getting Mobile Dental Office (WaPo, 11/13) – “Deamonte Driver Dental Project”

Across the Washington region, school systems are debating whether Inauguration Day should be a holiday or a teachable moment. (WaPo, 11/13)