Gates Foundation releases ambitious new giving plans for education [News, 11.12]

Gates Foundation releases ambitious new giving plans for education (SeattleTimes, 11/11) “which include working to double the number of low-income students who complete some kind of college or post-high school degree” … “Efforts also would be made to identify and pay higher salaries for good teaching, help average teachers get better, devise better tests and create a national set of learning standards for high schools”  … more from the Chronicle of Philanthropy
Money Fears Become Real for Md., Va. Public Schools (WaPo, 11/11) 

The New York Times ran its special Giving section yesterday. Highlights:
Foundations Face Pitfalls When Heirs Take Over
Training to Lead Nonprofits – “a surge in nonprofit management and leadership courses at colleges and universities”
Bracing for Lean Times Ahead – “the timing of the market collapse could exacerbate the impact on giving”
Shrinking Economy Strains Food Banks
The Nonprofit’s Guide to Surviving a Downturn

Charity begins in the office (FT, 11/11) – on overhead, general operating support, and record keeping.
Charitable foundations feel economic pinch (PhillyInquirer, 11/12)

D.C. Council passes emergency budget legislation “to tackle the District’s estimated $131 million budget gap, putting transportation and affordable housing programs in limbo.” (News8, 11/10)
Spending Freeze Added To Cuts – “Activists Decry Effect on Poor” (WaPo, 11/11)