“With Obama’s election, nonprofits aim for a seat at the table” [News, 11.7]

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D.C. Council Mulls More Aggressive Budget Cuts (WaPo, 11/7) – “Some of the deepest cuts could come in the areas of transportation and affordable housing…”
Weinberg Foundation puts hold on new grant requests (MdDailyRecord, 11/5) – “to help the $2 billion organization better target resources during an economic downturn. ”

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Food pantry feels pinch – “Bread for the City struggles for donations…” (WaTimes, 11/7)

With its “Maryland Can Do Better for Children” campaign, Advocates for Children and Youth is promoting efforts to replicate the Harlem Children’s Zone, a comprehensive prevention and opportunity program. ACY notes that 10 neighborhoods in Maryland account for only 2 percent of the State’s population but are taking up nearly one in seven state dollars on services for distressed families.