Ailing economy: “The quickest, most helpful thing foundations can do” [News, 10.31]

Ailing Economy Makes Nonprofits Slash Budgets, Brace for Worse (Bloomberg, 10/30) – “U.S. nonprofit organizations are slashing budgets, freezing salaries and postponing programs as a turbulent economy forces donors to rethink their giving.”
“The quickest, most helpful thing foundations can do” is free current grantees from grant restrictions, says Pete at the National Center for Responsive Philanthropy (via Tactical). At first thought, it seems to make sense. Circumstances certainly have changed.

Whitman Walker Clinic closes its food pantry (BeyondBread, 10/30)

States forced to cut health coverage for poor (USAToday, 10/28)
Kaiser Family Foundation to launch non-profit health policy news service (10/29, via the Chronicle

NEA Foundation Launches Green Grant Application (wire, 10/29)

Whaddya know, it’s here again… Happy Halloween!