A day with Washington AIDS Partnership’s AmeriCorps team

Last week the Washington AIDS Partnership’s AmeriCorps team asked us question: hairnet or hat?

The team invited the WG staff to Food & Friends – one of 11 local organizations at which they serve – to take part in their weekly team-based volunteer service day. Food & Friends cooks, packages, and delivers food and groceries to more than 1,400 people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-challenging illnesses.

It’s a big operation. Armed with latex gloves, aprons, headwear, and utensils, some of us ventured into the kitchen. Others assisted with logistical support and operational coordination. Knowing that each vegetable we cut, each meal we packaged, and each address we labeled would find its way to someone in need was a powerful reminder of how important this type of service is. It’s an efficient operation, too. In the few short hours we spent working, empty shelves rapidly filled with ready-to-deliver meals.

The day reminded us how lucky we are to have this team of AmeriCorps members in our region providing countless hours of HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, and care, and making a difference every day.

– Christian Clansky 

2 thoughts on “A day with Washington AIDS Partnership’s AmeriCorps team”

  1. Let’s hear it for Channing, who has been leading the AmeriCorps teams for so many years! His commitment is the reason the Members always have such valuable experiences. He is a credit to our HIV/AIDS community and we thank him for all his remarkable contributions to the welfare of others!

  2. Wow, those pictures are embarassing! But hurrah for Channing, Jenn, and the Washington Grantmakers team!

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