“A new sort of arts philanthropy” [News, 10.20]

A new sort of arts philanthropy (Denver Post, 10/17) – “Funder as worker bee”… “She scouted out an old building…hired one of the city’s most creative design firms to transform it into a massive, contemporary art gallery. She constructed 13 studios and invited some of Denver’s most promising artists to use them at a fraction of the going rate…Then she opened it up to the community.”

Gaps Seen in Md. Drug Treatment… yet counties “regularly return hundreds of thousands of dollars in unspent substance abuse treatment funds to the state.” (WaPo, 10/19)

WaPo ed: “Housing the Homelesss” (10/20) – “The District goes against tradition, for the better.” “[I]n other cities Housing First has saved money by reducing emergency-room costs and repeated shelter stays.”

Della Stolsworth “pioneered a Montgomery County program to link retired professionals to local nonprofits” (Examiner, 10/17)

WaPo ed.: “CareFirst shouldn’t be a piggy bank for District politicians.” (10/18)