DC Appleseed releases fourth HIV/AIDS report card [News, 9/24]

Report Faults District’s HIV/AIDS Awareness (WaPo, 9/24) – The fourth report card (.pdf) from DC Appleseed “portrays a government that is just beginning to grapple with the scope of the crisis.” Report: “We of course welcome Mayor Fenty’s call for HIV/AIDS to be his top health priority, but sustained, highly visible government efforts to broadly raise awareness of the severity of the epidemic have been absent and reflect a lack of urgency.”  The series funded by the Washington AIDS Partnership, a project of Washington Grantmakers.

Women and Philanthropy: 4 Ways to Get Started (USNews, 9/23) – “Women gave more money than men in 2005… $21.7 billion, compared with male donors’ $16.8 billion.”
Giving while Wall Street burns (Economist, 9/23) – “[T]his is the moment when we will find out if all the talk of doing good in recent years by big business and the rich is more than mere talk.”


Today: Public Education Working Group Monthly Meeting
Tomorrow: Sustainable Communities Working Group Quarterly Meeting

Teachers’ Union Chief Cites Mistrust (WaPo, 9/24) – Rhee’s proposal for a two-tiered salary plan “still faces hurdles.”

“A gardening class for prison inmates” (Cumberland Times-News, 9/23) – The prison began its program using a grant from [WG member] TKF Foundation.

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