Arts Groups Fret the Woes Of Big Donors [News, 9/18]

Arts Groups Fret the Woes Of Big Donors (WaPo, 9/18) – “this is a deeply awkward moment to ask Lehman Brothers for $50,000 … [but] Clark is hoping that in its death throes, the company just might cut one last check.” That’s the spirit.

Nonprofits will miss Lehman Brothers’ donations (Crain’s, 9/17) – In 2007, the firm gave $4.4 million in NYC, including $3 million to Harlem Children’s Zone. In addition, “Lehman gave another $20.8 million in grants around the United States.”
– Tumult in Financial Markets Expected to Cause Problems for Charity Finances (Chronicle, 9/17)
Report Says Charities Would Be Lacking in a Big Disaster (NYTimes, 9/17)

Rethinking the Amazing Shrinking Shelter (WaPo, 9/18)

A grant from WG member Washington Area Women’s Foundation helps to a child care resource center helps bring more quality child care opportunities to employees at National Harbor. (Gazette, 9/17)

Loudoun Girds for Major Cuts in Next Year’s Budget (WaPo, 9/17)