Gov’t: Fannie and Freddie’s charitable giving “being reviewed” [News, 9/8]

Wondering What’s Next For Fannie And Freddie (WaPo, 9/8) – “There was hardly any mention of mortgage giants’ philanthropy at yesterday’s news conference, only that government ‘will review the charitable activities.'” For several years, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have been the leading corporate givers in our region. In 2006, Freddie Mac gave $25.62 million; Fannie Mae gave $19.25 million (source WG’s “Our Region, Our Giving” 2007).

Rhee’s Plan B: “Asked earlier this year by Fast Company magazine what happens if she fails to get the labor deal [pay package] she wants, Rhee replied, “Then I’m screwed.” What she calls ‘Plan B’ is about weeding out ineffective teachers–“strengthening the existing system of annual personnel evaluations that spell out procedures for terminating teachers.” (WaPo, 9/8)

Here come the tolls (or “What is your time worth?” (BalSun, 9/7)

Most Americans “view paid sick days as a basic right of employment,” according to a survey funded by WG member Public Welfare Foundation. (wire, 9/5)

PEOPLE – Ann Yonkers, co-director of FreshFarm Markets, a socialprofit that promotes the local selling of crops. (Examiner, 9/8)

A Green Makeover for Tysons Corner (WaPo, 9/7)

When faced with shortfalls, Md., Va. part ways (Examiner, 9/8)

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