U.S. Senate Creates Philanthropy Caucus [News, 8/20]

U.S. Senate Creates Philanthropy Caucus (Chronicle, 8/19) – The two co-chairs, Sens. Schumer (D-NY) and Burr (R-NC)], “sent letters urging House members to participate in ‘District Days,’ a project sponsored by the council and the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers to get foundations to set up meetings with members of Congress while they are in their home states during the August break, Mr. Emory said. He said more than 100 meetings have been scheduled.”

D.C. Teachers March Toward Showdown Over Merit Pay (WaPo, 8/19)
Tenure and Seniority Are Sticking Points in D.C. Teachers Union Negotiations (WAMU, 8/20)
– D.C. School Renovations Won’t Finish on Time (WaPo, 8/20) – According to Lew, the problems will not prevent students from attending school.

Looking For Energy, Google Goes To Hell (Forbes, 8/19) – Love that headline! The philanthropic arm of Google, Google.org, is investing millions in companies trying to tap geothermal energy.