Black community in Washington, D.C., struggles with HIV/AIDS rates [News, 8/6]

Black Community in Washington, D.C., Struggles With HIV/AIDS Rates (NewsHour, 8/5) – “45 percent of all new HIV cases in 2006 were in the African-American community and… rates among blacks were seven times higher than those among whites.”

Charities Ask Congress to Ease Gas Price Burden (NYTimes, 8/5) – The current tax deduction for charity volunteers is 14 cents per mile, far less than the corporate world’s 58.5 cents per mile. “High gasoline costs have put a crimp into volunteer activity at charities across the country.”

Affordable Housing Goes Green (Washington Independent, 8/5) – “[G]oing green can cost developers up to $9,700 more per unit of housing…The challenge with affordable housing is balancing short-term costs with long-term gains”

Teacher Lobbying Raises Union’s Ire (WaPo, 8/6)
Nonprofit offering teachers money to promote Rhee program (Examiner, 8/6)