How to accurately define poverty [News, 7/18]

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Did you order the code red?! I sure didn’t. Nevertheless, today’s air quality is horrendous. Be careful.

How to accurately define poverty (Washington Independent, 7/17) – The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Douglas Nelson testifies before Congress: “[T]he lack of an accurate, credible and relevant poverty measure has itself become a major impediment to combating poverty effectively.” Created decades ago, the old formula is based primarily on food costs. But while “food accounted for a third of household spending in the 1960s, food now accounts for only an eighth of spending, with housing and transportation taking a larger slice of income.” That’s why NYC Mayor Bloomberg unveiled a new formula last week.

Will the Arlington Board vote to allow [gasp] rental units? Stay tuned. (Examiner, 7/18)
Bread for the City’s new blog “Beyond Bread” has been focusing on affordable housing–scroll down for good stuff from both policy experts and community members.

Disease Prevention Called a Better Bet (WaPo, 7/18) – Prevention saves lives AND money.

Education Reformers Tackle NCLB Flaws (USNews, 7/17) – In a Congressional hearing, “Michelle Rhee offered another idea to improve NCLB that has also been highly contentious: tying teacher pay to student outcomes.”
Fairfax Board to seek cuts in schools budget (WaPo, 7/18)

Millicent Williams has been named the president and chief executive of the D.C. Children and Youth Investment Trust. Amy Ward is Williams’s replacement at Serve D.C.  (WaPo, 7/18 – scroll down)

D.C. Child Agency To Borrow Staff, Hire Workers (WaPo, 7/18)

Council Votes to Sell Former Homeless Shelter (WaPo, 7/18)

Johnson Center launching national philanthropy journal (, 7/17)