“Building your online presence on a tight budget” [News, 7/16]

Building Your Online Presence on a Tight Budget (Chronicle, 7/15) – a live discussion with Beth Kanter and Jonathan D. Colman

“Retrofitting for ecology – Diplomacy helps ‘green’ D.C. firms” – This article on the new Energy Efficiency Partnership of Greater Washington mentions support from  the Cafritz Foundation. (WaTimes, 7/16)

Economy continues slide with no relief on horizon (Examiner, 7/16) – “Locally, food at grocery stores and restaurants cost consumers between 4 and 5 percent more in May than a year ago…” “Transportation costs…rose 9 percent over the past year in the Baltimore-Washington area, with gas prices climbing 23 percent.”

Domestic Workers Bill Passes in Montgomery (WaPo, 7/16) – Requires written contracts for employment of over 20 hours per week. Marc Fisher thinks it’s a bad law.