Stage is set for D.C. region to become a theater mecca [News, 7/14]

Capital idea: Stage is set for D.C. to become a theater mecca (PittPostGazette, 7/13) – “add ‘cultural center’ to Washington’s history, government, monuments and museums…”

Charities Crushed Under Soaring Demand (USNews, 7/11) – “83.2 percent of fundraising professionals say the economy is now actively harming donations.”
The Facts on Our Gifts (Letter to Editor, WaPo, 7/13) -WG member Maria Harris Tildon sets the record straight on CareFirst’s gifts to the D.C. Public Education Fund.
Philanthropic leverage … “A straightforward but often overlooked strategy for leveraging greater social return is to develop a communications plan around your philanthropy.” (FT, 7/12)
COF’s Steve Gunderson responds to the NYTimes Helmsley dog bequest column. (7/14)

What It Will Take to End Homelessness in D.C. (WaPo, 7/13) – from two Urban Institute researchers
Tenants Demand Rental Reform (WaPo, 7/13)

Charitable Giving’s Efficiency Problems (BusinessWeek, 7/11) – another article about how fundraising galas are overrated
Private Groups Pocket Vet Donations (Wash Independent, 7/11) API: “”Professional for-profit fund-raising companies like to work with veterans and police and firefighter charities. They know that people are more likely to respond.” I hate those calls even more now.
– Future is now: At yesterday’s Nats game, fans were invited to use cell phones text $5 donations to the Children’s National Medical Center. (wire)

Ads Hope to Inject U.S. School Challenges Into White House Race (WaPo, 7/13) – The philanthropic initiative “Strong American Schools” targets seven markets including N. Va. See new ads.

District Cites Gains in Jail’s Treatment of Youths (WaPo, 7/14) – City is still considering building a new juvenile facility