… but there’s more to education than test scores [News, 7/11]

Some D.C. Principals Credit Rhee for Big Gains in Test Scores (WaPo, 7/11) – Rising scores are a positive development for sure. But after reading about the tactics used to increase scores, it seems likely that the gains were mostly a result of students getting better and more serious about test-taking, and not actually increasing their subject knowledge. From the article: “Students spent several hours a week taking practice tests.” And the question we have to answer in the long run is, is that a good thing? Yes, this is a way bigger question than D.C. (or any single school system) can deal with. Still worth thinking about.

Fringe Fest’s mission is to bring together a community of artists and innovators – “Fueled by a $100,000 grant from [WG member] the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities…” (WaPo, 7/11)
Wolf Trap Hosts National Arts and Environment Summit July 13 – 14 (wire)

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Beverly Francis is the new head of the Columbia Foundation in Howard Co., Md. (BalSun, 7/11)

D.C. population continues to grow, census data show (Examiner, 7/11) – City’s population up 2,500 in ’07.